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Arye Stern, guide, tours in Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa, New and Old Jerusalem, Caesarea Acre and the Judean Desert.
Markets, religions, people, history and land.

where are we going?

In front of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem

Meet at Safra Square Russian Plot
Traveling between the buildings of the various powers
Immigrants for observation in Notre Dame
Enter the Old City through the new gate and walk to the Jaffa Gate area
A visit to the Emanuel Synagogue
Walk on David Street to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Guidance at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Lunch in a magical place
Walk to Cardo in the Jewish Quarter and end in front of a map of Midba

Caesarea and Acre

A visit to Caesarea, the Roman capital during the Second Temple period; We will tour through the Roman theater, the Byzantine street, the Crusader city and the aqueduct. You can combine a trip to Haifa, a view of the city, the temple and the Baha’i Garden, the center of the world Baha’i religion, through the regenerating German colony. Then a visit to Acre, a lovely walking tour through the Crusader city underground, the colorful market, a walk on the city walls through the ancient port to the lighthouse.

Ancient roads in the Judean Desert

We will tour the northern Judean Desert in private cars, with an emphasis on beliefs and minorities.
We will start with a visit to the monastery of Optimus which was last active about 1,400 years ago. The site is very impressive mainly due to the huge cisterns that were discovered in it.
We will continue to the Good Samaritan Museum where we will see mosaics from different periods
Continued to meet for a cup of coffee with members of the Jahalin tribe, Bedouins living in the Khan al-Ahmar area on the way to Ma’ale Adumim.
From here we will continue to the lookout of St. George’s Monastery, which hangs over the cliffs of the Euphrates River, an active monastery located in the heart of the Holy Desert.

Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv at night

A journey to the legends and glorious history of Old Jaffa, from the Clock Tower and the train, through the “Kishla”, the Ottoman prison, to Sabil Suleiman, Jerusalem Gate, Goldsmiths Street, Avraham Garden, the Wish Bridge, the ancient Jaffa excavations, the orange statue and the orange groves Kedumim, Kedumim Square, St. Peter’s Church, Napoleon cannons, to the port of Jaffa and the flea market.

A little about me

My name is Arie Stern I am a certified guide, father, son, entrepreneur, student and friend.

I have been self-employed since 2006 and am said to be talented, multitalented, caring and serious, creative and flighty, due to modesty I do not use these words.

My daily feeling is of doing, initiating, helping, creating, producing, innovating, thinking ahead, not resting, not being left behind, a feeling that has great happiness on the one hand but also great suffering. The desire to get out of the box every time is tiring. I’m sure you know that.

Therefore for our psyche I invite you to come once in a while with me for a thought-provoking trip that teaches and adds value on a variety of levels.

I have built a number of tracks on the site and I am always open to further requests. I’m waiting for you.

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